Quality politics

EVATHINK is a company founded in the year 2011 international benchmark specialized in the manufacture of expanded EVA sheets for personalized items for orthopedic use and other sectors.

The management of the company leads the implementation and maintenance of the quality system and its effort is "achieve above all the satisfaction of our customers ". Our commitment is based on the practice of the following values:

  • Great ability to react to order production.
  • Creativity and innovation at the service of the client, being able to manufacture the designs that consult us.
  • Excellent communication with clients / subcontractors / suppliers.
  • Work with great demand and high quality control of the product.
  • We are oriented towards a personalized manufacturing with a confidentiality that distinguishes us.

Being Workers by EVATHINK, with your commitment and involvement one of the most important resources of the company.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements associated with the activity of the company.

All this within the framework of compliance with the established requirements of focus on processes and continuous improvement.

Aspe a 7 from January 2021

Fdo: Diego Garcia
Manager Evathink